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7 steps to great development outsourcing experience

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We’ve spent ten years and tens of thousands of hours on remote development projects. It taught us several very expensive lessons on what makes them successful or failures. You can go through them yourself and learn it the hard way. Or download this blueprint and make sure you chose the right development partner who delivers excellent value from day one. No guesswork on who’s the right fit, no headaches with underperforming teams, no legal hassles.

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Getting the right development partner who simply delivers day in and day out will make your life super easy.

But when you make the wrong selection, it might cost you a small fortune, alienated clients, or even your job.

Download the development outsourcing blueprint and learn how to make the right call.

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  1. Checklist: 7 necessary steps you must do before outsourcing web development

    you can use to separate the wheat from the chaff when choosing who to work with.

  2. Smart seniority cheatsheet

    to immediately recognize whether the developer being sold at a senior price is actually worth it. Saves you many hours wasted on interviews with wrong candidates.

  3. Development Contract Template

    Short, comprehensible, and universal. Works in any jurisdiction, saving you hefty legal fees spent on lawyers.

  4. A proven method on how to achieve peak performance

    with ANY developer. This method is something we learned at a private talk from a Czech self-made billionaire and haven’t stopped using it since.

  5. Guide for effective communication

    setup in remote working environments. Imagine how much more effective will be your operations when every person knows exactly what to do at all times.

Hi, I’m Petr Gogolín and we are Kurzor.

I finished masters in strategic management and convinced two friends to ditch their PhD so we could build a company providing CEE engineering talent to the world. Ten years later we’ve worked for everyone from small tech startups to great international brands.

We’ve helped our partners launch projects used by UNESCO or IMF, sell BMWs to demanding customers, create groundbreaking fintech applications, or power the European largest health e-commerce sites.

Petr Gogolín

What Our Clients Say

  • Simon Fuller

    Simon Fuller talks about getting the right development partner with Kurzor

  • Alexander Thomas

    Alexander Thomas talks about team augmentation with React developers

  • Figo

    Daniel Colomer talks about JavaScript development outsourcing with Kurzor

  • We started with Kurzor on a smaller project where we tested their skills and whether the cooperation is a good fit. It was a great beginning and foundation for success on other projects as well, their work has been terrific. We've been really satisfied with the cutting edge technologies that Kurzor uses and their flexibility to adapt to new frameworks. We've been really happy with the front-end JavaScript performance and robust reliable PHP back-end. Overall I would rate this as very successful cooperation with a very committed and dedicated team that's positive and excited to make an impact.

  • We started looking for an outsourcing partner because it was getting increasingly hard to find a wide enough pool of great engineering talent just in the UK. We extended our reach into Eastern Europe because several of the best developers in our UK office were from that region. People like Petr and Marek from Kurzor made it very easy to come to all sorts of understanding of how to best work together. We're very satisfied with the cooperation, some of the current best developers working for us come from Kurzor.

  • Kurzor is doing web development and coding of all our websites and IT systems. For a long time we have been searching for a company to which we could outsource our IT development and now we maintain a long-term partnership with Kurzor as they are absolutely best in terms of quality and on-time delivery, for a reasonable price. It's a company you can count on for delivering great results.


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